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Vocal & performing arts | Personal, spiritual & business growth | Healing traumas, breaking through blocks

Whether you want to experience what it's like to be on stage, over coming stage fright, develop new singing & performing skills. Or ... how to build resilience, self esteem and more confidence. If you want to learn how to deal with overwhelm, stress and difficult life transitions. Our courses are designed for you to become a stronger you! You will discover your bigger potential and transform through our courses. All our courses are based on the principles to connect you with your True and Full Essence. So you can grow from there. All our courses are in English.

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Our Well Being & Personal Development courses 2020

Courses for women

Breaking through personal and business blocks. Personal, spiritual growth & development. Trauma healing.

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Our Music Theatre / Performance Classes 2020

About Lenny Suijkerbuijk

Owner & Founder of My Full Essence Life & breakthrough coach Art of Feminine Presence teacher Vocal & Stage Presence coach Attraction Marketing Trainer

Lenny Suijkerbuijk has more than 20 years of experience as a performer, trauma therapist, life coach and breakthrough specialist for women. She is an expert in helping women rise after severe traumas or difficult life transitions. Born & raised in The Netherlands - Europe, she has Javanese roots. She is a survivor of a brain hemorrhage which she received in December 2018. She has been working on her comeback ever since with great success, using all the techniques and knowledge from all her professional training! This alone makes her 100% suitable to show her students how to overcome their biggest fears and challenges apart from the skills she is well trained at. Lenny attended the Vocal And Dance Academy (The Hague, The Netherlands), where she graduated as a performing arts & theatre musician, she has coached vocal students on vocal techniques & stage/personal presence. She has extensive experience as an Art of Feminine Presence teacher, a vocal & stage performance coach, an NLP practitioner, a spiritual healer, a trauma therapist, an aromatherapist. Lenny has run multiple online businesses and has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to work with attraction marketing to attract more quality leads. Increasing their visibility online and offline.

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What We Promise

A journey to Your Full Essence so we can work with everything that's already within you! Our mission is to awaken your inner sparkle!

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