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When you join our Academy it's not only the quality of our courses we have set high standards for. In everything we do, the people we work with, we want the best for you. We have added a few great extra's to give you a full experience of what it's like to join a professional organization. Read more about our rehearsal venue, Masterclasses and all the fun perks you get to enjoy once you're a part of our family!

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01. Working with professionals

We believe in offering more than we promise to deliver. Because you deserve the best quality in everything we do. As Lenny is the head coach for the Academy, we're always looking for other professionals to join our team so we can offer the quality we stand for. For our courses you will be working with professional, local ánd international coaches who have worked in the industry for years as a performer, dancer, musician vocalist, and who have extensive experience in coaching students.

We value clear communication streams with and for our students. Therefore, you will enjoy our student portal with more than hundreds of professional online vocal & breathing technique & improvisation exercises. These exercises will help you work on your techniques at home and come to class prepared.

Backing tracks with and without backing vocals so you can rehearse your harmony part, scripts, song lyrics, class instructions, rehearsal recordings, schedules, briefings & evaluations are uploaded by our team. No more big sound files being sent to your WhatsApp or email. Consider this portal your student library. We will use WhatsApp only for short notification messages.

02. Online student portal

Bonus (not compulsory): in this FB group there will be weekly vocal & breathing techniques exercises explained. You will have the opportunity to join and try them through FB lives in the group. Once a week there will be a group Zoom training where you can implement what you've learned through singing a group song online. In this group you can practice how to release anything that's blocking you from singing freely.

100% Support. Zero judgement. Participating will effect your performance & confidence positively and will invite you to stretch your comfortzone more. Discover how you can take care of your voice in a healthy way. This is a huge bonus that offers extra free training

03. Private Facebook group: free your voice

You will not only learn how to sing, dance and act. We will also train you how to deal with nerves, black outs, how to memorize your lyrics and lines. We know how scary it can be to not know your lyrics and lines on time. Or to even think about setting a foot on stage. Not to worry.

We will prepare you well, so you can focus on rehearsing and performing with joy instead of stressing on not knowing your lines or dance routines! In the musical & music theatre world there are different work ethics. We'll help you applying them step by step. Build stamina, self confidence and clear communication streams between you and your fellow cast members & the production team.

04. Mental training

05. Open Mic nights opportunities

Gather your fellow students to join Open Mic nights together!

Test your progress and train everything we teach you during the 12 weeks, live on stage, on an Open Mic night of One Jam Productions. This is a perfect opportunity to help you to practice live before our showcase.

Visit the OJ Productions FB page

05. Taking care of your instrument & condition

When you join one of our group courses you will receive samples of beneficial essential essential oils. Lenny has been an aromatherapist for more 20 years and she has been using essential oils to maintain her vocal chords and overal health. Even now you will see Lenny using essential oils on stage. You will receive samples that will keep your throat clean, support your respiratory system and calm your mind. During all class rehearsals there will be essential oils available for you to use as a student free of charge!

Masterclasses from professionals. We love collaborating with professionals to offer our students another experience. Meet the professionals we work with below

Gayathri Menon is a professional and renowned, Award Winning Professional Makeover Artist, Image and Wardrobe Stylist in Singapore. We are working with Gayathri to give all our showcase students the opportunity to follow a Masterclass in stage make up! Where you'll learn the craft of doing your own stage make up. This is a huge added value to what we're already offering. If you join one of our courses (private vocal & performance lessons excluded), we will arrange an affordable smashing Masterclass. Trust us. You will WANT to learn from Gayathri! Don't miss this opportunity and sign up for the showcase course fast!

SUPER OPPORTUNITY: Masterclass Stage Make-Up by Gayathri Menon

Visit Gayathri's website

The rehearsal venue in Chinatown. Central and easy to reach!

Our rehearsals are at the Latin American Arts and Cultural Centre Chinatown Heritage Centre | 72b Pagoda St, Singapore 059231 | China MRT Exit A

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