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Lenny Suijkerbuijk. A vocalist, performer and coach with more than 20 years of experience. Coaching on American accent pronunciation!

- Great singing is more than just singing 'beautifully' -

My mission? That's easy! To help you become an impactful vocalist with a strong personal stage presence!

Who is it not for?

Managing expectations is key to a successful collaboration. There are many vocal coaches out there. But I believe the chemistry between you and your coach will help you reach better results. If you're not ready to stretch your comfort zone, then my lessons are not for you. I can be very strict because I have one thing that I'm focusing on: getting you where you want to be. Helping you create the results you want. It's not about what I want. These lessons are all about you. Don't worry! I can also be very warm, bubbly, fun and open: I will catch you when you fall and help you get back on your feet and celebrate your victories with you. My private lessons are not suitable for students who are looking to have a 'hobby' on the side. Yes, my lessons are fun, for sure. And ... I will also invite you to take it a step deeper to explore your fullest potential. You don't need to have ambitions to become a professional singer or performer (you can if you want to!). However, I solely work with students who have goals we can work towards. These goals need to be mapped out in a timeline so we can measure progress. I'll be your number one fan whenever you climb the stages and cheering you on to unleash your superpowers as a performer! I take your time and mine very seriously.


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Why Do You Pay For Your Lessons In Advance?

Think of your lessons as a membership of a fitnessclub. If you want to get results, you're not going to get them with a one month or once a month training sessions. Also important: not only do you pay for the content of your lessons or for me as your coach. But you also pay for your own commitment and to secure your spot in my private coaching practice. Understanding the core of investing in your dreams will help you achieve better and consistent results

45 minutes Trial session: $ 90 We will send you an email to confirm your lesson along with what you need to bring

45 minutes: 4x $ 90 = $ 360 60 minutes: 4x $115 = $ 460 1h 15 minutes: 4x $125 = $ 500

Regular lessons (4 weekly payment)

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Your lesson options

If you're a beginner I recommend you start with a 45 minute schedule. For advanced students: 45 minutes will be too short to get in depth of your coaching. I recommend you to book at least 60 minutes. Cash payments on the day of your lesson is not accepted. Book your lessons through this website or by bank transfer. All fees need to be paid before the commencement of your first lesson. A minimum of 3 consecutive months of coaching is required. You pay your lessons per month. Discounts are given to students who choose to pay 3 months in full. Send us an email if you're interested in this option, so an overview of the discounts and an invoice can be sent to you. An online booking tool will be sent to you so you can schedule your lessons.

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