The greatest opportunity in Singapore to learn how to perform with a live band as a lead-and backing vocalist in an authentic way

- Rock The Stage - Lead & backing vocals performance classes 2021

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Authenticity is key. Even when you sing covers there are ways to sing them your way

Have you ever dreamed of singing/performing with a live band, creating your own performance style & repertoire, discover your talents and rock that stage like a dynamite? Are you already a lead/backing vocalist and are you looking to level up your skills? Here is your chance to shine like a pro! This is not just a regular performance course. After this course you will feel so confident. By the time you're at your Graduation Performance, you've overcome many obstacles and you've learned so much that you can also apply in your personal and working environment. Other than our others courses, this class focuses on you as an individual artist more. This course is about finding your true and authentic self through singing and performing as a lead & backing vocalist. Are you ready? Let's rumble!

The ultimate course to become Fearless! Rock your skills, self esteem and confidence to the top!

The Rock The Stage classes will train you for 12 weeks in how to become a conscious and better skilled lead- & backing vocalist and performer in a live band. You will end the course with a graduation live performance with our own Academy Live Band.

A unique course in Singapore

Embark on a life changing experience

This course is to give you new experiences, stretch your comfortzone and become an eyecatcher on stage! Maximum of 12 students per class. This class will change your (music) life! Enroll fast to avoid disappointment!

Our mission? To help you perform in the most authentic way, connect with your audience and learn how to be a true entertainer & conscious vocalist

The Course

On the - Rock The Stage - graduation performance night, you will perform as a class and switch from lead to backing vocals throughout the show. The genres you can choose to work with are: pop, pop rock, soul, R&B, gospel, musical, music theatre, metal. This is what you can expect from the course

WHO CAN ENROLL? We love passing on our knowledge to people who are coachable, open and willing to stretch their comfortzone. If you want to experience what it's like to get the full behind the scenes of a performer with a live band, what it's like to really rock that stage FEARLESSLY, than we invite you to step up and enroll now! Whether you are a newbie or whether you've been performing already, if you're looking to learn from professionals, lifting your fellow students and be lifted and creating a strong stage presence, then we are happy to welcome you. As all different levels of students can attend this course we encourage students to follow their own rhythm regarding processing the course material. We do ask commitment from our students, as individual student work contributes to the whole class efforts and results. Students can count on a timeline planning so they know what to work on for which particular phase. This is for you if you're ready to upgrade your skills and are very excited to discover how you can grow from the knowledge you have now, to everything you'll know once you've passed the course. We will train everyone to be working on the same level when it comes to work ethics. So we enhance smooth communication streams and the right flow.

The Student

WHAT TO EXPECT During the course we will work towards a professional graduation live performance with our Academy Live Band. All students will perform at least 1 solo song and will be doing backing vocals with the other students for the lead vocals student. During the band and class rehearsals you will practice with the lyrics in front of you and ALSO WITHOUT the lyrics in front of you. You will distinguish yourself from most performers immediately who are using lyrics in front of them! If you're thinking you can't perform without reading the lyrics, that's just fear talking to you. How odd it would be if Celine Dion, Axl Rose, and all other great artists would perform with lyrics in front of them, right? During the GRADUATION PERFORMANCE all students will perform WITHOUT lyrics in front of them. Don't worry: by the time we are at that point, you'll be confident enough to perform without them. There will be a professional run through on the day(s) of the graduation performance itself. This is the ultimate challenge for you as a student. Once you've conquered this, you will be able to perform like performances are meant to be.

The graduation performance & band rehearsal

Just because you can read lyrics, doesn't mean you're a performer or a singer. Tablets & Lyrics stands... No can do, lah!

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US Look around you. There are so many bands performing in bars with lead vocalists singing ... with a tablet in front of them. The tablet is being used as a tool to 'help' the singer READ the lyrics whilst singing. Honestly, we see performers nowadays use the tablet to hide their great self. There's a difference between singing lyrics or BRINGING a SONG. And we are definitely coaching you to BRING IT! When you train with our team, you will learn how to stop hiding behind the tablet. No matter how talented you are, no matter how good you can sing, if you're using a tablet, you're taking away the opportunity for your audience to see YOU for who you are. And you are not sent to earth to be hiding your talents and be unnoticed. Be seen! Be heard! Let your voice and presence WOW your audience. Don't think you have it in you? What the mind can conceive it will achieve. And with this course you will SLAY it! To say the least. This is why we train our students to perform from their own unique and Full Esssence. Just because you can sing from a tablet, doesn't mean you're a great performer. Do you want to experience how it's like to really grab your audience's attention? To be on that stage and ROCK it your way? Enroll now and see yourself transform in just 12 weeks!

One of the big reasons ...

Why is it important to learn backing vocals?

Two reasons 1. You'll learn how to serve, support and hold space for the lead vocalist. As a backing vocalist you have a significant role and it should not be underestimated. You'll learn to look at backing vocalists differently and with more understanding & respect. 2. You'll learn how to do harmonies properly which will be a great advantage for you as a singer. So you'll have a palet to choose from when it comes to mixing and matching different sounds. Being able to switch harmonies creates flexibility as well, which will benefit you as a lead vocalists tremendously.

Can we ever give too much? The answer is ... 'no'


To make your student life easier! Extra opportunities to help you grow. Here are bonuses 1 & 2

More bonuses: Masterclasses, free samples & more

We love making our classes more fun and unique!



We offer Masterclasses from professionals that are a great added value to what we are already offering. It could be masterclasses from other actors, dancers, vocalists, make up artists & stylists. Anything that helps you perform better and giving you more knowledge from different angles!

You'll see we offer great other assets to make your experience whole: a free FB community group, online student portal, essential oils samples to maintain the health of your throat, chords, respiratory system, and more!

Semester Overview

This is your chance to experience this course in 2020

Yes I can!

Making a conscious decision starts with the right intention. Click on the button to enrol now. If you wait too long, fear will start talking to you. And then you'll never know how it could have been to be brave enough to hit that button. You can do it!

Why do you pay more?

If you've seen our other class course you might be wondering why the Rock The Stage course is a bigger investment for you as a student. Here are a few reasons: - we will be zooming in on you as an individual artist more - we are working with a live band for a rehearsal and a live show - one of our coaches will be there at the band rehearsal - the organization of this course is completely different from any other courses we offer and requires more time and resources

Not ready to fully commit? But you are excited to attend this course? This payment option is giving you the opportunity to spread your investment and still securing your spot. Choose 'installment payment' if you want to be sure your place at the course is secured!

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