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100% Authentic, professional and fast

Whether you want to book Lenny as a solo artist or with a live band, she delivers quality performances. Through her years of experience as an allround performer she is able to study materials fast and she blends in well with other vocalists due to her ability to adjust to what is needed to bring an outstanding performance. As a front woman performer for your show, she is extremely well trained to connect with your audience to convey your message or to give high end entertainment. You'll find that Lenny performs strictly without a tablet, so the quality of the performance is secured. If you're a showband or a musical/music theatre company looking for a team player, please send us an email for enquiries.

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This show is not about the performer. This show is about... You!

Transforming people's lives

Songs & sketches that promote self love, empowerment, stepping into your own light, fun, joy & laughter, serious topics mixed with a tat of stand up comedy. This is the ultimate mix of a unique music theatre concert where Lenny touches the hearts of her audience. By sharing her life story, how she constantly transforms difficult life transitions to something positive. Her biggest challenges were to overcome child abuse and how to rise after a brain hemorrhage that she received on December 2018. Let her journey inspire you! Throughout her career as a coach her mission has always been to help people transform their lives through coaching and performing arts. The title 'Sing The Hatred Into Love' stems from Oleta Adams' song: 'I've gotta sing my song'. A cheerful and uplifting gospel that is yet very powerful. As the song encourages you to embrace your talents, heart's desires and your own greatness, it is the starting point of Lenny's theatre show. The show entails a repertoire of musical, music theatre, gospel and soul music. Lenny's wish is that at the end of the show you'll go home with new insights of how to bring positive changes into your life, feeling inspired and uplifted.

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