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A complete musical/music theatre course for adults

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THE STAGE IS YOURS - SHOWCASE CLASS is a Musical / Music Theatre ensemble course for beginners and anyone who is looking to improving their current skills. Performing on stage is not only about vocal, dancing and acting techniques. During these classes you will learn every asset you will need, to accomplish great results as a musical/music theatre performer. It's a 12 week behind the scenes course, of how things work in the musical & music theatre performing world. You will be amazed by the transformations you might be able to experience from day 1 until the day of the showcases. Your personal growth is important to us! We want you to leave this course with unforgettable memories, skills you can apply anytime and feelings of being proud of getting things done like a pro in only 12 weeks. Come meet new friends and have fun!

Passion for Musical & Music Theatre

Please note: this course is in English only. Maximum of 12 students per class. Enroll fast to avoid disappointment! (If classes are full you can be waitlisted for a second class).

Our mission? To help you discover your talents, help you grow to the max and beyond. To give you an incredible experience of the fun, joy & beauty of performing arts!

WHAT TO EXPECT 1. An individual and group assessment to see where you are and what you can improve 2. Learn improving your singing, acting, dancing skills/techniques 3. Learn how to perform from the heart vs performing based on techniques solely 4. Work on a full story for the showcase 5. Song interpretation, stage performance, stage presence 6. Artistic interpretation & expression 7. Learn how to work as team 8. Building & developing your character in the story 9. Learn how to work with your personal energy 10. Ensemble & solo singing 11. Overcoming your fear of performing on stage 12. Learn how to sing harmonies & balancing as an ensemble 13. Learn how to act under (performance) pressure 14. A strong organization that will provide everything you need 15. You'll receive a course syllabus + a student portal with hundreds of vocal & breathing techniques 16. Backing / instrumental tracks you can use to rehearse at home 17. Access to our student portal 18. Access to our private FB group 19. A graduation showcase performance! *** Note: there will be light dance/movement choreography which is also suitable for beginners!

The Course

Our online student portal is just one of the extra's you'll have access to, to give you structure and to support your journey fully 100%!

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The Student

WHO CAN ENROLL? We love passing on our knowledge to people who are coachable, open and willing to learn. Who want that experience of being in a showcase production and being taken care of from A to Z. Whether you are a newbie or whether you are a seasoned performer, if you are looking to connect with great people to work together on a fun showcase, then we are happy to welcome you. As all different levels of students can attend this course we encourage students to follow their own rhythm regarding processing the course material. We do ask commitment from our students, as individual student work contributes to the whole class efforts and results. Students can count on a timeline planning so they know what to work on for which phase. Our Syllabus will help you plan your preparations at home! We will train everyone to be working on the same level when it comes to work ethics. So we enhance smooth communication streams and the right flow.

The Graduation Showcase

WHAT TO EXPECT During the course we will work on a graduation showcase production. Songs and scenes from various musicals, a touch of Glee, a sprinkle of Disney fairy dust will be a part of your showcase performance. You will be assigned different characters, sing short solo's and ensemble harmonies. This showcase is not about who is the best singer, performer or dancer. We do this together, lifting each other to shine! There will be a professional run through on the day(s) of the showcase itself. Yes, there will be some 'pressure' as we're growing towards the showcase. It's a natural thing to happen. You'll be relieved to know we will coach you on this specific element: how to handle showcase production stress. We've got you covered. All you need to do is ENJOY the journey!

The Reasons

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US Nothing beats a FULL experience of a course. We have gathered all our knowledge and passion to create a full on experience for you. If you love musicals/music theatre and you want to develop more skills and learn from coaches and teachers who have been working at a high professional and international level, if you want to overcome stage fright than our showcase courses are for you! But there's more ... we don't only focus on technicalities. Our academy carries the name 'My Full Essence'. Which means we will work with your personal energy so you can touch hearts, play the characters and sing from your Full Essence and connect with your audience, instead of 'just singing a song or just read your lines'. Do you want to be mainstream or do you want to be YouNique? If you are ever interested in doing auditions anywhere, our courses will help you getting the right knowledge about how to prepare and smash your auditions. You'll have access to our online student portal and receive discount on one on one vocal lessons from Lenny during the whole course.

Because we believe in giving more than you expected!


To make your student life easier! Extra opportunities to help you grow. Here are bonuses 1 & 2

Bonus 3

SUPER OPPORTUNITY: Masterclass Stage Make-Up by Gayathri Menon

Gayathri Menon is a professional and renowned, Award Winning Professional Makeover Artist, Image and Wardrobe Stylist in Singapore. We are working with Gayathri to give all our showcase students the opportunity to follow a Masterclass in stage make up! Where you'll learn the craft of doing your own stage make up. This is a huge added value to what we're already offering. More details about this Masterclass will be revealed closer to the class date! Note that the Masterclass is not included in the course fee. We definitely arrange an AFFORDABLE smashing Masterclass. Trust us. You will WANT to learn from Gayathri! Don't miss this opportunity and sign up for the showcase course fast!

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Semester Overview

Please note you can be absent for only 2 classes maximum

Enroll now to avoid disappointment. Save $ 120! Grab your Early Bird fee and pay $ 600 (open until 1 November 2020). After 1 November 2020 the course fee will go up to it's original fee of $ 720. A maximum of 12 students per class will be admitted on a first come first serve base.

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